Thursday, April 3, 2014

Coping with Polygamy: A First Wife’s Jihad By: Umm Janna

Coping with Polygamy: A First Wife’s Jihad
By: Umm Janna

                Anyone who has been married for over 10 years can tell you that even a customary marriage with one wife and husband has its ups and downs . . . that you have to take the bitter with the sweet . . . you’ve heard the clichés. But for the first wife living in a polygamous marriage, the downs can seem bottomless and the bitter intolerable.
            Unless you’ve been a first wife in a polygamous marriage, you can’t fathom the tribulations such a marriage can present for a woman. For those first wives who are trying to struggle through the enormous trial of a polygamous marriage, take comfort in knowing there is a monumental blessing in remaining patient with your trial and being diligent in your marriage—you can acquire qualities and wisdom that will enable you to grow closer to your Lord.
            In this book, I will elaborate on how persevering through the trials of a polygamous marriage can enable a Muslim sister to grow closer to Allah. Some of the points I will discuss, insha’Allah, are the following:
1.     A Muslimah can become aware of her personal weaknesses, thus, take account of herself before it’s too late.

2.     A Muslimah can put her life in its proper perspective and realize what she’s really on earth for.

3.     A Muslimah can learn that her true dependence is on Allah-not her husband.

4.     A Muslimah can begin to please her husband for the pleasure of Allah, not for worldly gains.

Umm Janna

Read the first excerpt on Grandma Jeddah's website tomorrow, Friday, insha'Allah:

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